Luxury White Lace Table Runner

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Dress-up your dining room table with this luxury fine workmanship white lace table runner. 

Table runner can be used on a bare table, TV console, buffet bar or table, to provide extra color and protection to the center of their surface, running in the length or width of the surface. And it is available in a variety of lengths.

Material: 100% polyester

Pattern:  Floral Embroidery

Size: 40 cm X 140 cm, 40 cm X 160 cm, 40 cm X 180 cm, 40 cm X 200 cm, 40 cm X 220 cm, 40 cm X 240 cm, 40 cm X 260 cm,40 cm X 300 cm.

*Note: Recommend to order the runner with a drop of at least 25 cm on each side of the table to have a beautiful and balance look. 

1 cm = 0.39 inch