Japanese Ceramic Plates & Bowls

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Material: Ceramic

Shape: Round

Process: Glaze Kiln Hand Painted 


8.5 Inch flat plate: diameter: 21.5cm, height: 2.5cm, net weight: 0.46kg

8.5 Inch hat plate: diameter: 21.5cm, height: 3cm, net weight: 0.46kg

8.5 Inch deep dish: diameter: 21.5cm, height: 4.5cm, net weight: 0.63kg

7 Inch deep dish: diameter: 17.3cm, height: 4cm, net weight: 0.39kg

9 Inch soup bowl: diameter: 23cm, height: 8.3cm, capacity: 2L, net weight: 1kg

8 Inch bowl: diameter: 20cm, height: 6cm, capacity: 850ml, net weight: 0.63kg

4.8 Inch bowl: diameter: 12.3cm, height: 6.8cm, capacity: 420ml, net weight: 0.3KG

4.5 Inch bowl: diameter: 11cm, height: 6cm, capacity: 300ml, net weight: 0.28kg

Saucer: diameter: 9.5cm, height: 2.5cm, net weight: 0.1kg

Spoon: length: 13cm, width: 4.2cm, net weight: 0.05kg


The colour of products shown due to photography can be slightly different from the real product.

The size is manually measured, please allow slight different.

Due to the ceramic production process, individual products inevitably have small black spots, lack of glaze, bubbles, etc. thus it is normal.

1 cm = 0.39 inch

Please check your selected design or colour of choice before payment